Archive Month: January 2017

Watch: ‘Mourning In America’ Trump Inaugural Crowds Dwarfed By Obama

Boom! A stunning video by Vox reveals the massive gulf between the enthusiasm of President Obama’s inauguration versus the dark cloud of despair hanging over Trump’s inauguration as President.  We all know that Trump is the least popular President in four decades. But low approval numbers don’t always tell the whole story. There is aRead More

Watch: Trump Rips Off Inauguration Speech From Batman Villian Bane

It’s official folks, America just inaugurated a Batman villain as President.  That’s right, the uncomfortable, nagging pain in your stomach right now is not acid reflux, it is the cold harsh reality that Donald Trump has become the Fascist-In-Chief.  What better way to broadcast to billions around the world that things are about to dramaticallyRead More

Trump Picks Rick Perry To Lead Department Perry Once Pledged To Abolish 

Breaking news, the Senate is about to confirm failed butcher turned GOP politician, Rick Perry, to be the next Secretary of Energy.  Trump decided to ‘Drain the swamp’ by bucking the trend of appointing a highly regarded scientist to oversee our nuclear stockpiles, instead appointing one of the least intelligent beings on the planet toRead More

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel’s Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act Part 2!

What is the difference between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act? Oh wait, Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act?? *Mind Blown* Seriously though, how sad is the state of our democracy that billions of Republican distortion dollars can impact public opinion to the point where voters both support and oppose the exact same law?  WeRead More

Dear Red States, The Affordable Care Act and Obamacare Are The Same!

Why are so many Americans in favor of the Affordable Care Act yet opposed to Obamacare? After all, they are exactly the same thing!   Yes, breaking news Red State America, the ACA is Obamacare and Obamacare is the ACA. They are one in the same. Just like your cousin is your wife and yourRead More

Watch: Schumer Shreds Trump HHS Pick “Cries Out For Investigation”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer shredded Tom Price, Trump’s pick for HHS Secretary, for allegedly breaking the law to enrich himself and the owners of a medical device company.  Congressman Tom Price was billed as a hero of the incoming Trump cabinet, poised to unravel Obamacare from inside the castle walls as Republicans in CongressRead More

Watch: Bush Ethics Lawyer ‘Trump In Violation Of Constitution’

Donald Trump will be in direct violation of the Constitution when he takes office, according to President George W. Bush’s former ethics lawyer.  Trump’s globally diverse and ubiquitous business dealings leave him vulnerable to violations of various federal ethics laws and norms governing Presidential financial disclosures.  The chief concern for ethics watchdogs revolves around theRead More

Watch: Seth Meyers Shreds Trump Attack On Civil Rights Hero Lewis

What could possibly be more ridiculous than insulting a hero of the Civil Rights Movement on MLK Weekend? How about allowing a conman elected by Russian hackers blackmailing him with a ‘pee pee tape’ to take the oath of office?  Which is why, in no uncertain terms, NBC’s Seth Meyers shredded Trump this week forRead More

Watch: Trump Approval Rating 44 Points Lower Than Any Obama 2009

Boom! Donald Trump is practically hemorrhaging approval ratings these days. But how low can the President-elect go in this game of job approval limbo? Well, how about 44 points lower than President Obama’s pre-inauguration numbers! That’s right folks, CNN is reporting that only 45% of Americans approve of Trump’s presidential transition, compared to the whoppingRead More

Trump Pick Bought $15k In Stock, Pushed Bill To Help Company Days Later

Donald Trump is assembling one of the most corrupt Administrations in the history of American politics.  This is not an opinion, this is a fact, and is emblematic of Trump’s blatant disregard for federal ethics and conflict of interest laws that have long governed the cabinet appointment and confirmation process.  CNN’s Manu Raju shared theRead More