Archive Month: January 2017

Watch: Trump is delusional, Mexico will not pay for a U.S. Border Wall

Boom! Mexican President Pena Nieto laid the smack down on Donald Trump, throwing cold water on Trump’s claims that Mexico will “Pay us back” for the Border Wall.  While Trump’s utterly racist and xenophobic rhetoric on the campaign trail targeting Mexico has not softened, his position on who will pay for it has ‘evolved’ sinceRead More

Watch: McCain slams Trump ‘No Evidence of Illegal Voting’

Boom! Trump continued this week with his Twitter tirade accusing millions of illegal voters cast ballots for Hillary Clinton. The GOP’s very own “Maverick” John McCain had a few choice words for Trump when speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Trump likely has a deep sense of his own illegitimacy and that is why he cannotRead More

Watch: Seth Meyers Blasts Trump and His Orwellian “Alternative Facts”

Boom! Seth Meyers absolutely ripped into the Trump Administration for their ridiculous Orwellian logic and propaganda.  Our democracy is nothing without a free and open press, The Fourth Estate, the faithful watchdog of the three main branches of government: Judicial, Electoral, and Legislative. And yet, the daily actions of the Trump Administration suggest otherwise.  TheRead More

Breaking: U.S. Intelligence Officials Investigating Trump Team Russia Calls

Boom! CNN and the Washington Post are reporting that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating calls between Trump’s National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, and the Russian Ambassador in D.C. This bombshell revelation is yet another glaring example of how in bed with Russia the incoming Administration truly is at a frightening scale.  What did Mike FlynnRead More

Watch: Priebus Has A Meltdown On Fox News Over Crowd Size Criticism

Reince Priebus is in for a long four years as Trump’s Chief of Staff! The proposentiy for Trump to blatantly lie and obsess over unfavorable media coverage leave advisors such as Priebus in a tough position as “Alternative fact” spinmasters.  The fireworks began with a massively important issue: Inauguration crowd sizes. It’s absolutely unbelievable howRead More

Watch: Bill Maher’s “Real Time” Returns To Blast Trump Inauguration

Boom! Man have we missed Bill Maher and his epic takedowns of Trump, Spicer, and Kellyanne Conwayd’s ridiculous bullshit. “Real Time” returned this week  Not only are we living in an “Alternate Fact” environment as Kellyanne Conway admits, but apparently Sean Spicer has nothing better to do than complain about harsh media coverage of theRead More

Watch: SNL Slams Trump Inauguration, Low Turnout, and Putin’s Glee

Vladimir Putin is a happy man today! And the writers at SNL brought this point home brilliantly in this week’s “Cold Open” by roasting both Trump and Putin in a sketch starring a shirtless, devious and boastful looking Putin.  Why is Putin so chipper and optimistic? It’s likely because his Manchurian candidate finally took theRead More

Watch: ‘Little Marco’ destroys Rex Tillerson “Putin Is A War Criminal”

Marco Rubio ripped into Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson, for refusing to acknowledge that Putin is a war criminal.  Senator Rubio (R-FL) is otherwise known as “Little Marco” a name given to Rubio by Trump in the primaries. The team at Democratic Memes do NOT think highly of Rubio,Read More

Watch: History Will Never Forget How Republicans Treated President Obama

Sorry Republicans, but Democrats are not going to turn the other cheek and ignore the ridiculous obstruction you leveled upon President Obama as well as the blatant disrespect of the Commander In Chief.  The video below is but a compilation of some of the most infamous rightwing media hitjobs. You remember the likes of GlenRead More

Rudy Giuliani, Trump Cyber Chief, Trolled For Weak Website Security

Trump’s pick to be the next cyber czar, Rudy Giuliani, apparently doesn’t know much about cyber security.  The internet is having a field day picking apart the security flaws in Guiliani’s company website, even posting the flaws publicly  on Twitter.  Giuliani Security:– Expired SSL– Doesn't force https– Exposed CMS login– Uses Flash– Using EOL PHPRead More