Watch: ‘Trump Presidency In Chaos’ With AG Firing Says Legendary Journalist

Watch: ‘Trump Presidency In Chaos’ With AG Firing Says Legendary Journalist

Boom! Legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein delivered a hardhitting interview on CNN last night amidst the startling revelation that Trump fired the acting-Attorney General: “The President and his Presidency are in Chaos.” 

Such a stern rebuke of Trump’s first two weeks in office from a legend like Carl Bernstein whose Watergate reporting brought down President Nixon should not be taken lightly. Particularly as Trump’s nascent Administration appears to be spiraling out of control with each 24 hour news cycle. 

It is eminently clear that the learning curve is quite steep for Mr. Trump, who took office with zero experience in government. Despite a long career in the private sector, Trump no longer has the luxury of commanding an army of sycophants to do his bidding and cater to his every whim. Our view is that Trump’s ego is simply not mature enough to handle the constant pressure, slow pace, and setbacks of governing. 

Furthermore, Trump does not appear to be acclimating well to the role of POTUS, particularly the dearth of responsibilities one must delegate to accomplish seemingly simple tasks. Trump lives in a simple world of hyperbolic rhetoric and strongman execution. It is unlikely that any of his employees have so publicly refused a direct order before. Which is why Trump was so infuriated by the bold actions of the Attorney General and her directive to the Justice Department to not enforce Trump’s immigration ban. Hence his prompt, public firing of the Attorney General. 

How much longer will Trump’s House of Cards stand? Our best bet is that his days are numbered. I simply do not see a path forward for Trump beyond 2017. Let’s hope we’re right!

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