Watch: Former Michigan Governor Unloads On Troll For Defending Muslim Ban

Watch: Former Michigan Governor Unloads On Troll For Defending Muslim Ban

Boom! Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) absolutely unloaded an epic rant against Trump Troll Jeffrey Lord for defending the unconstitutional executive order targeting refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries. 

Governor Granholm spoke truth to power by enumerating the many ways in which Trump is abusing presidential power by ‘governing’ America as if he were negotiating a property deal. Trump appears to be learning the hard way that being President is hard work, and that he is ill prepared for the job. 

Below is an excerpt from Governor Granholms epic takedown of Trump:

“We have the whole Muslim world up in arms, we have Iraq taking action against us, we have our greatest allies including England and Germany coming back at us, we’ve pissed off Mexico, we’ve got the Civil Servants who rightly believe that they have been serving our nation and all of a sudden they’re being asked to do what they believe are wrongful acts.”

Trump is NOT the legitimate leader of the United States and he is NOT fit to lead this nation. We agree wholeheartedly with Governor Granholm’s comments above and are committed to continuing to expose Trump and his fascist agenda for what it truly is: a naked power grab aimed at transforming America into a white nationalist utopia. 
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