Breitbart Bully ‘Offended’ CNN Host Called Him A White Nationalist

Breitbart Bully ‘Offended’ CNN Host Called Him A White Nationalist

Breitbart News is a White Nationalist media outlet. This is an indisputable fact. Which is why Americans are terrified that such a disgraceful, hateful, and racist organization holds so much power in the Trump White House. 

How much power and influence does Breitbart News have in the Trump Administration? 

Firstly, Breitbart founder and former Editor-in-Chief, Steve Bannon, is a senior adviser to Trump and, as of this week, is now a member of the President’s National Security Council (NSC). You know, the closed door cadre of senior officials charged with advising the President and safeguarding the United States. 

The NSC typically includes important figures such as the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. It’s important to note that Trump’s so called “NSC Shakeup” replaced the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff with Steve Bannon, a Nazi. That’s right, Trump’s right hand man is a white nationalist. 

Steve Bannon is also the alleged mastermind of Trump’s media and public relations strategy. It was reported by the Washington Post and others that Bannon co-authored and orchestrated Trump’s infamous ‘Muslim Ban’ which is likely why we were left with such complete and utter chaos at airports across the country as refugees and legal permanent residents were detained over the weekend. 

Breitbart News do not belong in the White House. White nationalists and Nazis do not deserve a seat at the table with the President of The United States. It is outright lunacy that Trump named Bannon to such senior roles in his Administration, especially when Bannon is nothing more than a glorified Orwellian spin master and propaganda producer. 

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