Watch: Kellyanne Conway Shamelessly defends ‘Upside’ of Muslim Ban

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Shamelessly defends ‘Upside’ of Muslim Ban

We all know that Kellyanne Conway is a right wing nut job (RWNJ) and champion Orwellian spinmaster; however, sometimes even your fiery editors at Democratic Memes marvel at how delusional her talking points are when presented with a microphone and national media coverage.  

Case in point, Conway went on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to defend Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim Ban and applaud the alleged ‘upside’ that this provactive proposal presents for Trump’s plans to radically reshape the role of the United States on the global scene. 

Mainly, Conway and other Trump puppets like to trumpet how the “Temporary Ban” makes America safer and is part of a broader effort to secure our borders. Like most words that escape Conway’s cerebellum and exit through her lips, we need to dive a bit deeper to expose this canard. 

Trump’s Muslim ban does NOT make America safer. It does not make America great again. It simply enlarges the bullseye on our backs and empowers ISIS and radical groups across the Middle East in their quest to enlarge their jihad against American interests at home and abroad. 

We know this because not a single American has been killed by an attacker hailing from the seven nations subjected to Trump’s 90 day ban. On the contrary, Trump quite provocatively exempted Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates from the temporary travel ban whose citizens have been responsible for more than 3,000 American deaths since 1975 (source: CATO Institute). 

So we must ask ourselves the simple question: what exactly is the ‘upside’ Conway boasted about? Is it the fact that this ban will likely increase the odds of an attack against the United States, thus providing Trump with the political cover he needs to enact a more radical fascist immigration and security agenda? Because baiting radical Islamists to attack America is NOT something one in a position of power should hope for as an ‘upside’ or silver lining. 

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