Watch: Fareed Zakaria Launches Epic Takedown of Trump’s Muslim Ban

Watch: Fareed Zakaria Launches Epic Takedown of Trump’s Muslim Ban

Boom! CNN’s Fareed Zakaria dropped some serious knowledge bombs this morning in an epic takedown of Trump’s disgraceful 90 day Muslim Ban. 

Zakaria laid out a lengthy, logical case against the ban while highlighting why it is both illogical and immoral. Fareed also points out how shameful it is that Trump has made refugees the “Road kill” of his political posturing to present himself as a powerful strongman. Trump’s violent vision of a nation walled off from the rest of the world is as quixotic as it is xenophobic. 

Furthermore, Trump’s blanket ban targeting Muslim countries to “Protect America from radical Islamic extremists” is also grossly ineffective and utterly useless because the countries banned have killed ZERO Americans since 1975. Surprisingly, Trunp exempted Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the U.A.E. whose citizens have been involved in over 3,000 American deaths since 1975. 

Why would Trump do such a thing? Well, because the Trump Organization have significant business interests in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE. As usual, the stench of corruption is all over this bogus, unconstitutional ban that will do nothing to stem the tide of radical Islam and is likely to foment even more anger and hatred against the United States. 

Finally, the underlying security arguments at the core of the Muslim Ban are ridiculously unfounded and laughable as Zakaria noted. Fareed cites a study by the infamously conservative Cato Institute that completely exposes Trump’s ban as a canard: The chances of an American being killed by a foreigner in  an attack on U.S. soil are 1 in 3.6 million per year! 

Image: CNN

Sorry Trump, but you’re not fooling anyone with this phony power grab and strongman routine. Banning Muslims from legally traveling to the United States to protect Americans from an exaggerated and essentially non-existent threat of attack is so shameful and immoral that we simply cannot let this stand. Fortunately the ACLU are all over this one and the Courts are likely to reverse this unconstitutional executive order in due course. 

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