Watch: Anna Navarro Brilliantly Bodyslams GOP & Trump For Muslim Ban

Boom! Anna Navarro brilliantly bodyslamed the spineless leadership of the Republican Party for their silence and support of Trump’s Muslim Ban. 

Former GOP Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was no match for Navarro as the two sparred on CNN with Jake Tapper moderating. While Tapper tried to spin the ban as a temporary measure targeting “Muslim majority” countries, as opposed  to what it truly is, a Muslim Ban, as Navarro rightly pushed back and noted. 

It is not a coincidence that so many GOP members of Congress who once went to great lengths to distance themselves from Trump’s proposed Muslim Ban are now cowering beneath the feet of their fascist leader and either endorsing or remaining silent as Trump steamrolls the constitution. 

Fortunately Americans are rising up and coming out in force all across the country to peacefully protest the Muslim Ban and stand in solidarity with refugees detained at airports all across the nation. 

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