Watch: Reporter Smacks Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie With Epic Fact Check

Boom! Watch as an ABC News Reporter smacks down Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims! 

We all know that Trump’s ridiculous claim that as many as three million people voted “Illegally” for Hillary Clinton is a blatant lie. However, we did not fully understand, until this week, just how far down this rabbit hole Trump is willing to go in this blatant power grab and shameless attempt to rewrite history with his “Alternative facts.” 

In the interview below, Trump cites his warped understanding of a Pew study indicating that as many as three million voter records are out of date. Unfortunately for little Donnie, voter fraud was NOT the conclusion of the report. 

Trump announced his grand plans to investigate non-existent voter fraud this week via Twitter, of course!

What is driving Trump’s obsession with voter fraud? In our view, Trump is supremely motivated by an inflated ego and a desire to avoid, at all costs,  the harsh reality that he not only lost the Popular Vote, but he lost it by the largest margin EVER! 

Simply put, Trump wants to rewrite the narrative to diminish the historical significance of his MASSIVE Popular Vote loss and the stinging notion that he is NOT the legitimate leader of the United States. 

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