Watch: ‘Mourning In America’ Trump Inaugural Crowds Dwarfed By Obama

Watch: ‘Mourning In America’ Trump Inaugural Crowds Dwarfed By Obama

Boom! A stunning video by Vox reveals the massive gulf between the enthusiasm of President Obama’s inauguration versus the dark cloud of despair hanging over Trump’s inauguration as President. 

We all know that Trump is the least popular President in four decades. But low approval numbers don’t always tell the whole story. There is a broader narrative surrounding Trump that reflects a massive sense of “Buyer’s remorse” among Republicans and perpetual outrage among Democrats. 

Donald Trump’s transition to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue got off to a rocky start, with tempetiuous Tweets and an aura of irreverence for tradition. It quickly became apparent that America was conned, left holding the bag as a cadre of corrupt cronies descended on Washington D.C. to flood the swamp with rightwing nutjobs and billionaire businessmen. 

And then there is the whole ‘Putin thing’, the unprescedented hacking and foreign interference in U.S. elections by a high-profile adversary. Oh and then there was the “Pee-pee heard ’round the world” and revelations that Moscow may be blackmailing Trump.  

So yea, we totally get it America. We don’t blame you for not showing up to celebrate Trump’s inauguration. January 20, 2017 is a time of mourning. 

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