Trump Picks Rick Perry To Lead Department Perry Once Pledged To Abolish 

Trump Picks Rick Perry To Lead Department Perry Once Pledged To Abolish 

Breaking news, the Senate is about to confirm failed butcher turned GOP politician, Rick Perry, to be the next Secretary of Energy. 

Trump decided to ‘Drain the swamp’ by bucking the trend of appointing a highly regarded scientist to oversee our nuclear stockpiles, instead appointing one of the least intelligent beings on the planet to lead the Department of Energy. 

Why do we think so little of Rick Perry?  Don’t take our word for it, simply see for yourself and take a quick scan of Perry’s college transcript below. 

Nominating a man who got a “D” at Texas A&M in a class entitled “Meats” is borderline insane. Worse yet, Perry actually PLEDGED to abolish the Department of Energy in a 2011 GOP Presidential Debate. 

In fairness to Perry, “Meats” was a 300 level course; however, we should expect more from a cabinet appointee. Have we no standards? The bare minimum we should ask for is a “C” in Meats! 

But let’s be real for a few minutes, getting a “D” in a class called “Meats” in Texas, is like getting a “D” in a class called “Guns” in Texas. What was the final? One open book question asking “Why is meat better than salad?” Which animal is better to bbq on the 4th of July?” 

Whatever his grades were, the biggest loser (no pun intended) here is Chris Christie, who wasn’t even offered a cabinet position and was unceremoniously booted from the transition team. The fact that Trump thought more highly of a moron like Rick Perry is truly pathetic, yet telling as to the character and judgement of the incoming President. 

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