Watch: Bush Ethics Lawyer ‘Trump In Violation Of Constitution’

Watch: Bush Ethics Lawyer ‘Trump In Violation Of Constitution’

Donald Trump will be in direct violation of the Constitution when he takes office, according to President George W. Bush’s former ethics lawyer. 

Trump’s globally diverse and ubiquitous business dealings leave him vulnerable to violations of various federal ethics laws and norms governing Presidential financial disclosures. 

The chief concern for ethics watchdogs revolves around the heavy reliance of the  Trump Organization on foreign cash, as well as significant indebtedness to foreign government controlled banks such as a massive loan from Bank of China. 

Furthermore, it is troubling how far the Trump team are willing to push their blatantly arrogant tactics and avoidance of financial transparency. We still have not seen Trump’s tax returns, a concerning fact that remains as the epitome of the illegitimacy of his presidency. 

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