Watch: John Lewis “Trump Is Not A Legitimate President”

Watch: John Lewis “Trump Is Not A Legitimate President”

Boom! Legendary Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis (D – GA) dropped a bombshell on NBC’s Chuck Todd by calming proclaiming, “Donald Trump is NOT a legitimate President.”


We are so proud of Congressman Lewis’ valiant and honorable career in public service. Lewis, who has served in Congress for three decades, did not mince words when he directly addressed the illegitimacy of Trump’s election victory.


How did Trump respond to criticism from the fifteen term Congressman and civil rights hero who marched with Martin Luther King Jr and was beaten within an inch of his life at Selma?



Trump is truly a deplorable and illegitimate President-elect. Who else would take to Twitter to assail the character and record of a man like John Lewis, a hero of the Civil Rights Movement, simply for sharing publicly what we all know to be true in our heart of hearts.


John Lewis isn’t alone in his views on Trump, as CNN reports below: Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any incoming President in history!


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