What’s Wrong With Donald Trump’s Border Wall?

What’s Wrong With Donald Trump’s Border Wall?

What’s wrong with Donald Trump’s Border Wall? 

First let’s begin with the following: What’s wrong with Donald Trump? I don’t mean to be vague-this list truly could be infinite: fake tan, excessive hair dye, ridiculous comb overs, the NRA, etc. But in the wake of his inauguration as President, and electoral decisions that have made this country a less equal and loving place, I feel his hate must be emphasized above his other ‘flaws’.

This exaggerated hate against migrants fleeing to the U.S. threatens to change the progress our nation enjoyed over the past eight years. America is nothing if we renege on the promise that we are a developed nation, built on principles of equality, and exceptional because we welcome immigrants of all kinds: including “Your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” 

Migrants desperate enough to walk hundreds of miles across the border face the cold reality that once they cross they still may perish once their water supply runs out, because the U.S. government refuses to fill up water stations in the Southwestern deserts. 

Migrants that cross our Southern border give every penny they have to be lead by ‘coyotes’, who make no promises that they will reach the U.S. let alone cross the border. Coyotes will not even promise you will survive the journey, a grueling one under a hot sun, carrying every possession you own, in 100 degree heat. 

The ones who are willing to take the risk do so because the oppression they feel is so great that they have no choice but to trek North at their own peril. Many do so with the hope they may find a chance to feed their families in America. Perhaps that young boy who wants to go to school, rather than join a cartel gang, wants a chance to be the first of his family to go to college. 

Yet Donald Trump rejects these migrants who as humans are entitled to the fundamental rights the United States offers. Trump claims that once he becomes President “A meaningful border will be immediately created, not the laughing stock that currently exists.” 

Clearly Trump has not been able to leave his throne in Trump Tower and venture to the United States/Mexico border, because currently Border Control is the government agency with, on average, the highest paid employees. Each border patrol agent carries military grade weaponry, weaponry which they nonchalantly refer to as being “Good for catching the immigrants.” Or as Trump calls them, in rhetoric fit for fascist genocide, “The Illegals.” 

In Donald Trump’s warped toupee covered eyes, there is no meaningful border. Unfortunately, Trump plans to force American families to pay for an unwanted, unnecessary and grossly expensive “Great Wall” along the U.S./Mexico border. No, Mexico is NOT going to pay America back. We’re all on the hook to build a $14 billion Border Wall, that will cost many times more to maintain and guard. 

That’s not making America great again. That’s making America BROKE again! 

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