Watch: Rust Belt GM Workers Speak Out On Trump

Watch: Rust Belt GM Workers Speak Out On Trump


Watch: Rust Belt GM Workers Speak Out On Trump.


Attention Rust Belt Workers: Donald Trump is NOT going to save your jobs! Unless of course your management team can be bullied by 3am tweets.


It’s almost heartbreaking to hear the voices of Rust Belt Trump voters who crossed party lines to elect a man who promised to “Save Manufacturing Jobs” and “Make America Great Again”. If you listen closely you can hear the timid fear in their voices, as if they now know that they were conned by Trump, and that he has absolutely no intention of bringing jobs back to the Rust Belt. Cheap, testosterone-filled campaign rants about launching a trade war with China and forcing big corporations to bring jobs back home will NOT reverse the 40 year trend of “capital flight.”


In essence, Trump’s Two biggest campaign lies have unraveled before Inauguration Day: (1) Trump’s promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., and (2) Mexico will pay for “The Wall.” Both of these LIES were exposed yet again this week as Trump not only pledged to force American taxpayers to pay for the Border Wall, and refused to announce any coherent strategy on trade that didn’t include compulsive 3am tweets taunting China.


Meanwhile, GM are shipping another thousand jobs from Ohio to Mexico, and there isn’t a political hack in the governor’s mansion to offer of millions of taxpayer money to secure a short-term political win for Trump on trade.


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