Watch: Trump Owned By U.S. State Department Over Russia Hack

Watch: Trump Owned By U.S. State Department Over Russia Hack


Watch: Trump Owned By U.S. State Department Over Russia Hack.


Boom! The U.S. State Department is “100% Certain” that Russia did indeed interfere in U.S. elections by hacking the Democratic National Committee and senior Clinton Campaign Staffers.


Meanwhile, Trump and his army of media troll deplorables (chiefly Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer) appear outraged at the assertion that Russia interfered in U.S. elections to tip the scales for Mr. Trump. The notion that somehow Mr. Trump needs to be 100% sure, and that he “Knows things” others do not about hacking, are outright absurd. Trump is clearly stalling because he wants the media to “Move on” and forget that he is an illegitimate President-elect who LOST the popular vote to Secretary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes.

Second, why is Trump quarreling with U.S. intelligence agencies so publicly early on in his presidential career? Why is Trump so reluctant to rely on conclusions on the basis of logical analysis of existing data? The truth is, Trump is a meglomanic who is incapable of absorbing advice that he does not share. In other words, Trump needs to believe that any action or policy was ‘his idea’ and thus his most trusted advisers are spin-masters like Kellyanne Conway who likely spoon feed Trump ideas and later convince him that they were his all along.
Finally, and arguably more troubling, is Trump’s coziness with Vladimir Putin and the treasonous scent of complicity that context provides. How far will Trump go to protect Putin? Would Trump consider releasing U.S. sanctions and inviting the Russian officials President Obama ejected back to the U.S. in some grand deal with Putin. Either way, America is clearly less safe under a Trump Administration that is willing to sacrifice decades of U.S. diplomacy in Europe by cozying up to a corrupt Russian regime headed by the biggest oligarch of them all: Vladimir Putin.


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