Archive Month: January 2017

Watch: Former Michigan Governor Unloads On Troll For Defending Muslim Ban

Boom! Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) absolutely unloaded an epic rant against Trump Troll Jeffrey Lord for defending the unconstitutional executive order targeting refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.  Governor Granholm spoke truth to power by enumerating the many ways in which Trump is abusing presidential power by ‘governing’ America as ifRead More

Breitbart Bully ‘Offended’ CNN Host Called Him A White Nationalist

Breitbart News is a White Nationalist media outlet. This is an indisputable fact. Which is why Americans are terrified that such a disgraceful, hateful, and racist organization holds so much power in the Trump White House.  How much power and influence does Breitbart News have in the Trump Administration?  Firstly, Breitbart founder and former Editor-in-Chief,Read More

Watch: ‘Trump Presidency In Chaos’ With AG Firing Says Legendary Journalist

Boom! Legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein delivered a hardhitting interview on CNN last night amidst the startling revelation that Trump fired the acting-Attorney General: “The President and his Presidency are in Chaos.”  Such a stern rebuke of Trump’s first two weeks in office from a legend like Carl Bernstein whose Watergate reporting brought down PresidentRead More

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Shamelessly defends ‘Upside’ of Muslim Ban

We all know that Kellyanne Conway is a right wing nut job (RWNJ) and champion Orwellian spinmaster; however, sometimes even your fiery editors at Democratic Memes marvel at how delusional her talking points are when presented with a microphone and national media coverage.   Case in point, Conway went on Fox News Sunday with ChrisRead More

Watch: Anna Navarro Brilliantly Bodyslams GOP & Trump For Muslim Ban

Boom! Anna Navarro brilliantly bodyslamed the spineless leadership of the Republican Party for their silence and support of Trump’s Muslim Ban.  Former GOP Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was no match for Navarro as the two sparred on CNN with Jake Tapper moderating. While Tapper tried to spin the ban as a temporary measure targeting “MuslimRead More

Watch: Fareed Zakaria Launches Epic Takedown of Trump’s Muslim Ban

Boom! CNN’s Fareed Zakaria dropped some serious knowledge bombs this morning in an epic takedown of Trump’s disgraceful 90 day Muslim Ban.  Zakaria laid out a lengthy, logical case against the ban while highlighting why it is both illogical and immoral. Fareed also points out how shameful it is that Trump has made refugees theRead More

Watch: Trevor Noah Blasts Trump Muslim Ban, Voter Fraud, and Crybaby POTUS

Boom! Trevor Noah blasts Trump’s Muslim ban, voter fraud claims, and doomsday rhetoric in this hilarious and hard-hitting Daily Show clip.  Trevor Noah has truly got his finger on the pulse of American political life, as he absolutely nailed how nervous and outraged most people are across the country now that Trump has taken office.Read More

Watch: Patron Founder ‘U.S. Consumers Will Pay’ For Trump’s Border Wall

Boom! Yet another high profile, billionaire businessman has come out against Trump’s provacative proposal to slap a 20% tax on Mexican imports to “Pay for the Wall.” John Paul DeJoria, founder of Patron and Paul Mitchell, slammed Trump for his absurd proposal and set the record straight as to who exactly would end up payingRead More

5 Reasons Taxing Mexico Will NOT Pay For Trump’s Trillion Dollar Wall

Despite 15 months of delusional claims and raucous rally chants, Mexico will NOT be paying for a southern border wall.  Sorry Trump voters, you were duped by one of the greatest cons of all time. American taxpayers, not Mexico, will be funding Trump’s narcissistic wet dream of an infrastructure project.  Donald Trump is proposing aRead More

Watch: Reporter Smacks Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie With Epic Fact Check

Boom! Watch as an ABC News Reporter smacks down Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims!  We all know that Trump’s ridiculous claim that as many as three million people voted “Illegally” for Hillary Clinton is a blatant lie. However, we did not fully understand, until this week, just how far down this rabbit hole Trump isRead More