Archive Month: December 2016

Watch: Snowden Slams Petraeus As Sec. of State

  Snowden Slams Petraeus as Sec. of State   Former NSA contractor and legendary whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, didn’t mince words when he criticized Trump’s meeting with General David Patraeus regarding the vacant Secretary of State position in Trump’s cabinet. You may remember General Petraeus’ fall from grace when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges ofRead More

Watch: CNN Host Explodes At GOP Voter Fraud Lie

CNN Host Explodes At GOP Voter Fraud Lie.  Is anyone else tired of the ridiculous GOP claims that “millions” voted illegally for Democrats in the 2016 election? Well, so is CNN host Anthony Cuomo who sparred with GOP Congressman Darrel Issa today after Rep. Issa tried to normalize the right-wing conspiracy that voter fraud isRead More

Watch: SNL Destroys Trump’s Most Absurd Tweets

SNL Destroys Trump’s Most Absurd Tweets First, let’s acknowledge how incredible Alec Baldwin’s recurring Trump impersonation is on Saturday Night Live! In fact, it’s so good that Trump continues to tweet about Baldwin in an absurd, juvenile form. Clearly the writers at SNL have gotten under Trump’s skin. It’s not like the president-elect has anythingRead More

Is America in an abusive relationship with the GOP?

  Is America in an abusive relationship with the Republican Party? The GOP are the tattooed renegade sporting a leather jacket and a motorcycle that your parents warned you about. Your grandparents would have a heart attack if they saw you riding the back of that Harley, without a helmet, and even more infuriated that thisRead More

Watch: Trump Breaks 37 Year U.S.-China Policy

Headline: Trump breaks, unaware of 37 year U.S.-China policy  The train-wreck that is the Trump transition to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenues derailed yet again this week when president-elect Trump broke with 37 years of U.S.-China policy. The diplomatic status of the island nation of Taiwan, formally known as The Republic of China, is a recurring flashpointRead More

Editorial: We Must Resist Trump, Save Our Democracy!

  We’re back America! The Democratic Memes editorial team are fired up and ready to lead the resistance against the fascist tyranny of the Trump era. Stay tuned right here for relevant, hard-hitting content that will piss off your conservative friends. This is the blog that your Republican grandpa warned you about! This is theRead More