Breaking: 38% Of Trump Appointees Are Campaign Donors

Breaking: 38% Of Trump Appointees Are Campaign Donors

Breaking: 38% Of Trump Appointees Are Campaign Donor

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the most corrupt President-elect in U.S. history. We written extensively on Trump’s conflicts of interests, and the many impeachable offenses underwriting his nascent Administration; however, the stench of corruption appears to grow more pungent by the day.

On Tuesday, December 27th, Politico published a story summarizing an independent analysis of the high-level access and jobs Trump is dolling out to his major campaign donors.

POLITICO’s analysis of Federal Election Commission records uncovered the following:


Contributors who met with Trump gave about $59 million in support of his campaign and other Republicans, averaging more than $800,000 per donor.

Donors also represent 39 percent of the 119 people Trump reportedly considered for high-level government posts, and 38 percent of those he eventually picked, according to the analysis, which counted candidates named by the transition and in news reports.

While campaign donors are often tapped to fill comfy diplomatic posts across the globe, the extent to which donors are stocking Trump’s administration is unparalleled in modern presidential history, due in part to the Supreme Court decisions that loosened restrictions on campaign contributions, according to three longtime campaign experts.”

Source: Politico


One glaring example of high-level Administration posts going to mega-rich donors include Trump’s picks for Treasury (Steven T. Mnuchin), Commerce (Wilbur Ross), and Education (Betsy DeVos). Trump is also packing lower level posts with miraculously affluent donors, such as Linda McMahon (almost-billionaire magnate of WWE fame) to lead the Small Business Administration.


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