8 Ways To Impeach Donald Trump In 2017

8 Ways To Impeach Donald Trump In 2017



Are you in denial, angry, disgusted, and outraged by President-elect Donald Trump? That was rhetorical, obviously, as you likely would not be reading this post otherwise! Good, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get down to business: How can we ensure that Donald Trump is impeached in 2017? 


Fortunately, the legendary Robert Reich (Secretary of Labor under President Clinton) has a plan! Secretary Reich recently posted an eight point plan outlining the case for impeachment–ranging from corruption, to abuse of power, and treason. Specifically on Corruption, you can read a DETAILED point-by-point synopsis here written by a former senior staffer for Hillary Clinton.



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Firstly, any of the points above would be grounds for impeachment. When viewed together, along with the fascist context of Trump’s 17 month presidential campaign, create a lethal cocktail that leave us asking WHEN, not IF, Trump will be impeached.


Personally, the Treason and corruption take the cake. It is painfully obvious to those paying attention that Trump’s blatant disregard for the cornucopia of conflicts of interest presented by the Trump Organization is an impeachable offense. In short, the President-elect (#NotMyPresident) is signaling to the American People that he plans to exploit the power of the presidency to personally enrich himself, his children, and the army of affluent oligarchs in his inner circle.


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