3 Reasons Your State May Soon Legalize Marijuana 

3 Reasons Your State May Soon Legalize Marijuana 


3 Reasons Your State May Soon Legalize Marijuana 

(1) Everyone Else Is Doing It!

  • Marijuana is now LEGAL in 28 States including medical and recreational
  • That’s over 50% of the United States!
  • Recreational Cannabis is now LEGAL in 16% of the U.S. (Eight great States)
  • California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada legalized adult recreational use in 2016
  • Rhode Island, Vermont, and Delaware may legalize in 2017!

(2) “Budding” Billion Dollar Industry

Pardon the pun (sorry, we did it again!) but legal Cannabis is rapidly becoming a billion dollar industry. Bloomberg predicts the Cannabis Industry is expected to be worth $50 billion by 2026!

That’s right folks, $50 Billion! That’s a lot of tax dollars that could be used at thelocal  level to build schools, education, and rehabilitation centers across the country.

The rising tide of ‘Big Cannabis’ will likely mean more lobbyists and political pressure to legalize will mount.
(3) The “War On Drugs” Has Failed
President Richard Nixon’s infamous “War on Drugs” has failed. Governments around the world are beginning to experiment with drug legalization policy, not simply cannabis, and the results are eye opening. Simply put, legalization does NOT lead to a statistically signicant increase in drug use.

The War on Drugs has failed to curb the use of illegal drugs, and has lead to the following:

  • Increase in drug related violent crime in the United States
  • U.S. prison populations have DOUBLED since the 1970’s
  • Tens of thousands have been killed in Columbia and Mexico due to severe military campaigns against drug cartels (with the backing of the U.S.)
  • The rise of the “New Jim Crow

It’s time to acknowledge that the failed War on Drugs causes more harm than good. Legalizing cannabis at the State level is a great first step in the right direction.

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