Watch: Trump Turkey Tweets Utterly Moronic 

Watch: Trump Turkey Tweets Utterly
We all knew Trump was a moron, but do we truly know how deep the rabbit hole goes? It’s like we’re in the Matrix and I just want to take the blue pill and go back to a simpler life.
Unfortunately folks, yesterday the Electoral College vetoed our democracy. Thanks right, a man who lost the popular vote by 3 million is going to take over our government. You can count on it being a hostile takeover as well!


Trump has no understanding of the nuances of international diplomacy. He is a man that lives by simple principles. “If you complement me, you’re my friend.”
How else do you explain Trump’s bizarre relationship with Vladimir Putin. The sexual tension between these guys is so effusive. Of course, his love for Putin fails in comparison to his hatred of Muslims.
Trump’s insensitive, alarming tweets in the wake of the Turkey terror assignation of the Russian Ambassador. Check out his tweet below:

As usual, no recognizable policy in Trump’s cryptic tweets.
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