Watch: We Need To Organize, Educate Trump Voters

Watch: We Need To Organize, Educate Trump Voters



Watch: Screw the Electoral College, We Need To Organize


We, as Democrats of the Trump resistance, need to unify behind a progressive message that can reach the average voter with language and logic that they can easily understand and share with friends. In other words, we need our message and our message bearers to resonate with voters in the Rust Belt, Mountain West, as well as the Coasts if we want to regain control of Congress and the Executive Branch.


After today’s crushing loss at the hands of the Electoral College, Democrats need Bernie Sanders now more than ever. Let’s face it, we don’t have a bench right now! We went all in on eight glorious years of President Obama, and failed to elevate rising stars within the Democratic Party in hopes that by rallying behind Hillary Clinton we would cruise to an easy election win.


Unfortunately, that did not happen. While we WON the popular vote by nearly 3 million, we unfortunately LOST the Electoral College. Yes, Russia did hack and intervene in the election to hurt Clinton, weaken our democracy, and elect Donald Trump; however, Russian hacking alone did not cost the Democrats the White House. Democrats need to find their voice again, the voice of economic empowerment and resistance to rule by corporate fiat. Grassroots populism fueled the rise of Trump, let’s harness the power of economic populism and marry it with policies that ACTUALLY work for working and middle class families.


Exhibit A, the town hall video below that showcases Bernie Sanders speaking to voters in “Trump Country” and winning over many of them. Whether you supported Bernie or Hillary in the primaries, that is absolutely irrelevant, all that matters is winning back Congress and The White House.


Watch the video below and Share widely with your friends!


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