Video: Trump Supporter Schooled On Russia Hacks

Video: Trump Supporter Schooled On Russia Hacks



Video: Trump Supporter Schooled On Russia Hacks


Boom! Van Jones artfully schooled Kayleigh McEnany on U.S. Foreign Policy and why the Russia hacks matter. Jones summarizes decades of U.S.-Russia policy in seconds, educating poor Kayleigh on why it’s kind of a BIG DEAL that Trump is bros with a dictator poised and positioned to disrupt democracy in Europe and threaten U.S. allies.


It’s kind of a big deal to upend 75 years of post-War policy that saw the U.S. rebuilt Europe and forge inseparable bonds of friendship, to now embrace a Putin dictatorship hellbent on dismantling NATO by deceiving an uninformed, gullible Trump Administration.


Why is Trump so fond of Putin? While we’ve pontificated on this very topic in several recent posts, perhaps the most straightforward and non-psychoanalytic interpretation is “It takes one to know one.” That is, Trump is a dictator-in-waiting and respects Putin as a strongman whose grip on Russian society and power is enviable.


In essence, Trump wants to be Putin. Trump has no interest in securing NATO and U.S. alliances in Europe. Trump’s Foreign Policy will be transactional, a series of ‘deals’ if you like, one of which being to play with fire and test European animosity by using Russia as leverage to get NATO allies to spend more on defense and rely less on the United States for their security guarantees.


I’m sure this all sounds great in Trump’s head, except for the fact that President Obama and Sec. Clinton tried the exact same tactics in 2009 with Putin’s protege, Dimitri Medvedev, to no avail. Why should we expect different results from Trump?


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