5 Reasons President Obama is one of the greatest of all time

5 Reasons President Obama is one of the greatest of all time


Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine the evidence.
With President Obama entering the twilight of his second term as the 2016 presidential campaign heads up, his popularity is soaring as millions of Americans embrace the stellar record, steady hand, and strong leadership displayed throughout his two terms in office. America is profoundly better off today than the day president-elect Obama was inaugurated in January 2009. Here are the top five reasons President Obama will go down as one of the greatest of all time:

(1) Ended the “Great Recession”
When the economy was in the dumps and the financial sector was on the brink of collapse. The unemployment rate was a staggering 10% in October 2009, just nine months into his first term, whereas now the unemployment rate is 4.9%! The plummeting unemployment rate was a result of 77 consecutive months of private sector jobs growth: the longest streak in recorded history. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, President Ohama also saved the U.S. auto industry and the stock market is at an all time high.

(2) Nobel Peace Prize
President Obama won the Nobel Peace prize during his first year in office, which is quite an impressive accomplishment to say the least, largely as a result of his policy of extending an olive branch to U.S. adversaries like Russia and Iran, reaching out to an Arab world devastated by the Iraq War and the poisonous rhetoric of the Bush Administration, as well as his conviction on issues such as nuclear disarmament and climate change.

(3) Ended Iraq War & Defeated Bin Laden
While President Obama was tasked with cleaning up the mess that Bush left domestically, he somehow found the time to address Bush’s ineffective policy of “Endless War” abroad. In 2011, which proved to be a landmark year for President Obama, he ended the War in Iraq and captured Osama Bin Laden.
Despite dismantling Al Qaeda, unfortunately the seeds of instability planted by sBush’s illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 so destabilized the Middle Eastwood that President Obama was then forced to combat new threats such as the Syrian Civil War and ISIS.

(4) Healthcare Reform (Obamacare) 
Thanks to President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans are now insured and millions more will no longer be denied coverage due to preexiting conditions.
Generations of Democrats tried and failed before him to reform our broken healthcare system. President Obama, however, did it within his first fifteen months. Additionally, Obamacare may provide a path for a single payer system in future.

(5) Restored America’s Image Abroad
Last but not least, President Obama restored America’s image abroad and reclaimed the trust and integrity squandered by the Bush Administration’s disastrous foreign policy.

President Obama’s “Asia Pivot” was one of the wisest and most strategic decisions made by a sitting President since Nixon’s opening of China in the early seventies. President Obama is adored by Africans, Europeans, and Latin Americans as well for his poised, compassionate leadership style that reinforces America’s role as “The Indespensible Nation.”
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