Clinton: No U.S. Ground Troops In Iraq or Syria

Clinton: No U.S. Ground Troops In Iraq or Syria

Image: CNN

Boom! Secretary Clinton says no U.S. ground troops in Iraq or Syria, in a complete rejection of failed Republican foreign policy in the Middle East and Trump’s irrational rhetoric that we should carpet bomb Iraq and Syria just to steal their oil!

The Trump Campaign have long labeled Secretary Clinton as a ‘hawk’ on foreign policy given her misguided support of the Iraq War in 2003 (which she admittedly regrets) as well as her support of President Obama’s decision to support U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 and enforce a “No-Fly Zone” over Libya in 2011 to prevent Colonel Gaddafi from committing mass genocide against his own people.

Secretary Clinton’s position is quite clear: The U.S. will not send military forces to occupy Iraq and Syria. We’ve seen that movie before and we know how well that turned out: more than 5,000 Americans dead, tens of thousands of U.S. service men and women wounded, as well as millions of Iraqis killed, injured, or displaced.

There will be no fascist rhetoric about “Stealing oil” or carpet bombing sovereign nation-states. Only Secretary Clinton, not Donald Trump, has the foreign policy experience and strategic understanding of the underlying issues facing Iraq and Syria and how the U.S. can help without repeating the failed policies of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and failed occupation. Iraq is less, not more stable, than it was in 2003. We did not bring a healthy, lasting peace to Iraq nor did we usher in an era of Jeffersonian Democracy. We left behind a culture of sectarian violence and a corrupt, weak central government run by incompetent leaders who failed to unify the Iraqi people.

We are so thankful that Secretary Clinton has pledged to avoid the use of U.S. ground troops in Iraq and Syria, despite the loud right-wing nostalgia to repeat the mistakes of the Bush years and send thousands of American men and women to die in the sands of the Levant.

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