3 Reasons Republicans Are Obsessed With Hillary’s Health

3 Reasons Republicans Are Obsessed With Hillary’s Health
Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters


Why are Republicans so obsessed with Hillary’s Health? Why have the Media legitimized the right-wing conspiracy theory that Hillary is unfit to be president because of some mysterious health issues that the Clintons are concealing from the American people?


Well folks, we’re convinced that there are three key principles underlying the GOP hysteria surrounding Hillary’s health. The main drivers are subtle, ‘dog-whistle’ insinuations that reinforce familiar conservative narratives:


  1. Women Are Not ‘Qualified’ To Be President

    The GOP Establishment, and the hard-right base underpinning their political power, do not think that women are qualified to be president. This, my friends, is abundantly clear. What are we basing this brazen assertion on? Quite frankly, years of opposition research into the deep dark vein of conservative culture: Fox News. Fox News is the most watched cable news channel, and it was run for decades by Roger Ailes who is a belligerent blow-hard and serial sexual harasser. Fox frequently reinforce the narrative that Hillary, and women by proxy, are unqualified to hold high office through both innuendo and overt sexism. Their mechanism for delivering this message was two fold: (1) By inviting hard-right guests to voice hateful rhetoric in prime-time, and (2) By sexually exploiting female anchors and reinforcing gender stereotypes that women are sexual objects not to be taken seriously.

    The irony here is that Secretary Clinton is, arguably, one of the most qualified candidates to run for president in the modern era. Sorry Republicans, your tired narrative is NOT working and will not work in November.

  2. To Reinforce Gender Stereotypes That Women Are ‘Weak’

    Conservative Republicans believe that women are inferior to men, epitomized by the strength paradigm. Men are ‘strong’ and women are ‘weak’. It’s quite a simple proposition that underpins nearly all GOP talking points assailing Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House. Republicans seeks to paint Hillary as ‘ill’ to reinforce their narrative that women are weak and unfit to rule. There is a long legacy of using the concept of ‘female hysteria’ to institutionalize women in mental hospitals. By parading the proposition that Secretary Clinton is “not well” is a dog-whistle to the days of yore when women were easily cast aside, locked-up, and removed from society due to whimsical accusations pertaining to their ‘health’.

    Sorry Republicans, it’s not going to work! As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled more than 956,733 miles around the world, meeting with world leaders and spearheading the Obama Doctrine of strength through diplomacy. If Secretary Clinton secretly suffered from a debilitating illness, how was she able to persevere through such a torturous travel regiment?

  3. The “Conspiracy Culture” Surrounding The Clintons

    The Clintons are no strangers to bizarre right-wing conspiracy theories implicating their involvement in nefarious, illegal behavior. The preponderance of these accusations are fabricated talking points aimed at activating the GOP base and denigrating the character of two American political icons. One would have to return to the time of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt to find such an accomplished, dynamic duo, which makes the ‘Conspiracy culture’ even more bizarre.

    Conservatives have accused President and Secretary Clinton of countless affairs, shady land dealings in Arkansas, and even the murder of former White House aides. Some fringe groups even claim Hillary is a “secret lesbian”, while other more prominent figures (i.e. Donald Trump) claim she co-founded ISIS and masterminded the Benghazi attacks. It goes without saying that none of these accusations are founded in the faintest morsel of truth, while the hyperbolic exaggerations only appear to become more extreme with time. In sum, the conspiracies are unlikely to cease anytime soon, and more likely than not they will accelerate as Hillary inches ever closer to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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