How Dumb Was Trump’s Trip to Mexico? Let Me Count the Ways

Image: El Tecolote, July 2015

Another day, another ham-handed attempt by Donald Trump to resuscitate his flailing, fear-mongering, unprofessionally-run campaign. Today’s agenda was basically headlined, “¡Viva México! But Actually, Seriously, Screw Mexico!” Here are just a few reasons this was colossally dumb:

  1. Trump Exposed Himself as a Weakling on His #1 Issue: Trump’s campaign was built around two main things: he hates Mexico and will make them pay for a #WALL, and that he is a tough guy who gets things done whenever he wants. This was completely undermined today – his fake conciliatory tone contradicts his entire message. Not only did he try to play nice with President Pena Nieto, he looks like a boxer who can talk shit about his opponent to his entourage in the locker room, while ultimately losing the fight he promised to win. Sad! The mental gymnastics his nativist supporters will undergo shortly will have been worthy of a Gold Medal in Rio (assuming they don’t hate Brazilians too).
  2. By Talking Trash About Mexico Right Afterward, He Looks like a “Mean Girl”: Does he think Pena Nieto, or for that matter anyone in America, turned off their phones/computers/TVs after the weak-ass Mexico speech without realizing he took an 180 degree spin when back in America two hours later? The fake photo op in Mexico, followed by the xenophobia on display in his hateful speech in Phoenix, shows that he thinks he is Regina George from “Mean Girls”, and no one will ever notice his behavior. “Has anyone ever felt personally victimized by Donald Trump?” Sure looks like it
  3. Wasting a Day Here Does Not Make Up for a Non-Existent Campaign: While Trump has been making fake attempts to “reach out to” African-Americans and the Mexican President (i.e trying to show white moderates at home, “I’m totally not racist, right?”), his campaign itself is abysmal. Experts in campaign performance and data analytics have stated that Trump has been asleep at the wheel, forgetting to raise funds effectively and create a non-existent ground staff in swing states, while he does random speeches recently in Mississippi (guaranteed win), Washington state (guaranteed loss), and Mexico (why??). To bring in another boxing analogy, Trump is crawling on the mat, punching in directions away from the opponent. Please forgive me my laughter.
  4. Voters Will Not Have Collective Amnesia: A strength of Trump’s campaign has been his ability to drive a #strong, #huuge, #angry message to certain parts of America, while disgusting most of the rest. The amount of effort it would take to simply erase America’s extensive knowledge of his xenophobia, narcissism, bullying behavior is staggering. For those of us hoping for a Clinton win, let’s wish him the best of luck wasting his time, money, and resources trying to do that, instead of running an effective campaign.