Archive Month: September 2016

Is Trump Too Fat To Be President??

Shocking news made its way around the country yesterday, as David Plouffe and Senator Harry Reid revealed that Donald Drumpf is the heaviest nominee for President since William Howard Taft! Taft, as we know, was known as our portliest President who once got stuck in a White House bathtub*. In light of this recent revelation,Read More

Clinton: No U.S. Ground Troops In Iraq or Syria

Boom! Secretary Clinton says no U.S. ground troops in Iraq or Syria, in a complete rejection of failed Republican foreign policy in the Middle East and Trump’s irrational rhetoric that we should carpet bomb Iraq and Syria just to steal their oil! The Trump Campaign have long labeled Secretary Clinton as a ‘hawk’ on foreignRead More

3 Reasons Republicans Are Obsessed With Hillary’s Health

  Why are Republicans so obsessed with Hillary’s Health? Why have the Media legitimized the right-wing conspiracy theory that Hillary is unfit to be president because of some mysterious health issues that the Clintons are concealing from the American people?   Well folks, we’re convinced that there are three key principles underlying the GOP hysteriaRead More

5 Reasons Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time

Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine the evidence.  With President Obama entering the twilight of his second term as the 2016 presidential campaign heads up, his popularity is soaring as millions of Americans embrace the stellar record, steady hand, andRead More

How Dumb Was Trump’s Trip to Mexico? Let Me Count the Ways

Another day, another ham-handed attempt by Donald Trump to resuscitate his flailing, fear-mongering, unprofessionally-run campaign. Today’s agenda was basically headlined, “¡Viva México! But Actually, Seriously, Screw Mexico!” Here are just a few reasons this was colossally dumb: Trump Exposed Himself as a Weakling on His #1 Issue: Trump’s campaign was built around two main things:Read More