Trump visits Mexico, fails to secure check for “The Wall”

Trump visits Mexico, fails to secure check for “The Wall”

Image: CNN

Trump visited Mexico today and failed to secure a check for “The Wall!” That’s right folks, ‘The Donald’ met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto this afternoon for several hours in a closed door, high-profile meeting. The anticipation surrounding Trump’s trip to Mexico was palpable, with many prominent politicians criticizing President Nieto’s decision to host the GOP nominee given Trump’s disastrous record of contemptuous, bigoted comments against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.   

Unsurprisingly, Trump held a joint press conference with President Nieto following their meeting to describe their discussions and painfully pander to Latino voters. There was no grand mea culpa from Trump, no larger than life apology, and more importantly, not a single word uttered about the infamous border wall that Trump claims will be more than 30 feet high (and potentially even include a moat!). 

Not only was there no mention of “The Wall”, more critically there was no mention of Trump’s infamous plan to make Mexico pay for the multi-billion dollar project! There was no grandiose check presentation from President Nieto, nor any stern grandstanding from Sir Tiny Hands. All the tough talk, the macho rhetoric and fascist overtones Trump parades on the campaign trail were absent. The man was eerily on message and disciplined, reading mostly from a written script highlighting the comminalities and bonds shared between The United States and Mexico. 

Will Trump’s change in tone and tortured attempt at pandering to Latino voters make up for 15 months of demagoguery? Probably not. But we have to admit it’s somewhat entertaining watching Trump squirm while reading robotically from prepared remarks. 

Trump must have fancied that his first trip to Mexico would be more victorious than diplomatic. More pomp and circumstance and less dry remarks about democracy and “feelings” for the Mexican people. Trump thought he was going to ride into Mexico on a silver horse, collect a massive check, and inaugurate the border wall at some grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. Fortunately, that didn’t happen! 

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