Journalist Exposes Trump campaign in “Panic Mode” with Latinos 

Journalist Exposes Trump campaign in “Panic Mode” with Latinos 

Image: CNN

Boom! Legendary Univision journalist Jorge Ramos exposed how the Trump Campaign is in “Panic Mode” with Latinos less than 70 days until Election Day. 

Mass deportations, a thirty foot border wall, “They’re rapists”–there a so many reasons why Latino voters will come out in droves on Election Day to resoundingly reject xenophobia and fascism by voting down the biggot-in-chief: Donald Trump. 

To be clear, the Trump Campaign doesn’t simply have a “Latino problem” they have a demographic and Electoral College math problem. There simply are not enough angry old White men to win key battleground states like Ohio, Florida, and Virginia anymore. And yet, Donald Trump and his team appear blissfully ignorant when presented with the facts. Until recently, apparently, when Trump began softening his bellicose rhetoric and reaching out to minority voters with the old tried and true “What do you have to lose?” Should work like a charm right? Wrong. 

To be utterly unaware of the underlying demographics of America is one thing, but to remain in denial this close to Election Day is just plain sad and borderline nauseating. Fortunately we have brilliant journalists like Jorge Ramos on the case to chronicle the train wreck that is Donald Trump’s apology tour to racial and ethnic minorities. “Panic mode” is sure to continue as the final 8-10 weeks of the campaign begin to settle in. The noose is clearly tightening around the neck of the Trump Campaign and we all know precisely how this will end. Grab some popcorn folks and enjoy the show! 

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