Trump on immigration “Boom you’re gone”

Trump on immigration “Boom you’re gone”

Trump on immigration “Boom you’re gone.” This is one of the most ridiculous interviews we’ve ever seen Anderson Cooper give as Trump defiantly defended his argument that Secretary Clinton is a “biggot” and that we should strictly deport millions of immigrants. 

Without being a KKK sympathizer can you predicably claim that you’ll rid the world of 11 million plus undocumented immigrants, build a 30 foot border wall, and get Mexico to pay for it? If your answer wasn’t “You must be smoking crack” then you weren’t doing something right. 

To be honest with you, before Trump many white Republican voters had no reason to question their electoral choices. For example, there was no “name and shame” protocol against more left leaning GOP debate and it became more of a burden to execute. Firstly, Trump would like to identify who he can and cannot restrict, even though he really is incapable of all of this women hating propaganda. 

It’s a shame that he can’t promise that he will renounce White Supremacy.  

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