7 Reasons Donald Trump’s Health and Sleep Patterns Should Terrify You

7 Reasons Donald Trump’s Health and Sleep Patterns Should Terrify You
Image: CNN Situation Room

Image: CNN Situation Room

Donald Trump’s health and sleep patterns should terrify you. A man who brags about never sleeping is not a man who is mentally or physically fit to be Commander-In-Chief. What’s worse is Trump’s bogus attempt to have his Gastroenterologist issue a certificate claiming that Trump has a clean bill of health.

For starters, what the hell is wrong with Trump’s hair? It looks like there is some albino rodent living on his head.

Admittedly, the team here at Democratic Memes are NOT board certified medical doctors. However, we’ve compiled the following list of potential health risks and/or issues plaguing Donald Trump:

(1) Foreign Follical Syndrome

There is definitely a foreign body inextricably bound to Trump’s head!

(2) Acute Hand Shrinkage

The man’s hands are just downright infantile.

(3) Carrot Skin Disorder

You couldn’t purchase enough fake spray tan in the entirety of New Jersey (no offense to my Garden State Dems!) or eat enough carrots in a decade to look as Orange as “The Donald.”

(4) Diarrhea of the Mouth

The man just simply cannot stop rambling at his rallies. Keeping this man on message requires a serious amount of constipation inducing pharmaceuticals.

(5) Selective Memory Amnesia

He saw a video of $400 million being airlifted into Iran that simply doesn’t exist. He also claimed to have seen “thousands” of Muslims celebrating on TV in Newark, New Jersey after September 11th (no such video exists). What’s next, is he going to pull a Sixth Sense “I see dead people” quote out of his ass at the first Presidential Debate?

(6) Wealth Exageration Sickness

The man won’t release his tax returns because he’s grossly exaggerating his own wealth. Simply put, you’re not as rich as you think you are Donald!

(7) Napoleon Complex

Enough said! The man has delusions of grandeur and he’s clearly compensating for something! Small hands anyone?

In all seriousness, watch this great video from CNN’s Sanjay Gupta regarding Trump’s health, “Share” widely among your friend, and comment below.


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