3 Reasons The Republican Party Won’t Survive The “Trumpocalypse”

3 Reasons The Republican Party Won’t Survive The “Trumpocalypse”

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(1) Trump will lose the Latino vote for a generation. 

Trump built the foundation of his campaign on anti-immigrant, xenophobic rhetoric epitomized by the infamous “Border Wall” with Mexico. According to Trump, Mexicans are “rapists”, criminals, and need to be deported by the millions. 

There is no way that a major political party can nominate a fascist, jingoistic blow-hard like Trump as their standard bearer and maintain a loyal following among the Latino community. Not only will Trump lost the Latino and Hispanic vote by the largest margin in a generation, the Republican Party will be blacklisted for generations to come among the largest and fasted growing groups in the country.   

(2) A “mainstream” Republican hasn’t won the GOP nomination since 2004. 

McCain (2008) was a “maverick” often at loggerheads with his own party. After all, in 2000 McCain was so threatening to the GOP establishment that the Bush Campaign ran a series of race-baiting radio ads in the South Carolina Primary that erroneously claimed that McCain had an “Illegitimate black daughter.” 

Romney (2012) was a moderate Massachusetts Republican (aka a Democrat) whose signature healthcare law laid the foundation for Obamacare. Additionally, in 1994 Romney was locked in a tight Senate race with Ted Kennedy in which Romney claimed to be pro-choice and more liberal on social issues than Ted Kennedy. 

Which brings us to Trump (2016) who donated millions to Democrats over the years and openly associated himself with prominent high-profile New York Democrats for decades (like the Clintons). Trump never genuinely endorsed a GOP nominee for president, instead opting to issue visceral post-hoc attacks against McCain and Romney labeling them as “losers” who couldn’t close and probably should have read “Art of the deal” which Trump claims is one of the best selling books of all-time (a ridiculous notion that doesn’t even deserve to be fact-checked). 

(3) Republicans may go 20 years without winning a presidential election. 
We all know that Bush “allegedly” won the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Let’s ignore, for a moment, Bush v. Gore 
2000 and the “hanging chads”, or the “Swift Vote Veterans for Truth” in 2004, and accept for the sake of argument that Bush legitimately won two consecutive elections. Even if we accept the above, the last time Republicans took the White House was in 2004. 

After consecutive loses to President Obama in 2008 and 2012, and what looks like a clear path for Secretary Clinton in 2016 and possibly even 2020, the next opportunity Republicans have to compete in earnest for the White House will be 2024. That would be a 20 year drought! Unless, of course, Kanye West runs as a Republican in 2020 in which case all bets are off. That last part was a joke, kind of like the state of the modern GOP. 

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