Former Bernie Campaign Spokeswoman Annihilates Trump Campaign Manager

Former Bernie Campaign Spokeswoman Annihilates Trump Campaign Manager

Image: CNN

Boom! Former Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, got destroyed and totally embarrassed by former Bernie Campaign spokeswoman, Symone Sanders, on CNN State of The Union in a debate over Trumps failed outreach to African American voters. 

We all remember the embattled tenure of Corey Lewandowski at the helm of the Trump campaign, particularly the racial violence against peaceful protesters that plagued Trump rallies across the country. Lewandowski himself was caught red handed on video tape forcefully grabbing a female journalist at a rally. Under Lewandoski’s “leadership” Trump announced his plans to deport immigrants, ban Muslims from entering the U.S., and alienate the Press. 

Now Lewandoski is a paid stooge receiving severance pay from the Trump campaign after being axed in favor of Paup Manafort, who recently resigned as Trump’s Campaign Manager amidst revaluations that he accepted over $12 million from Putin’s network of cronies in Ukraine. 

In the video below, Lewandoski gets absolutely annihilated by Symone Sanders, who points out how racially insensitive and absolutely tone deaf Trump’s advisers are when it comes to connecting with Black voters. “What do you have to lose” is not an effective slogan for gathering political support from a group of voters who are rightfully suspicious of Mr. Trump’s understanding of their needs and aspirations. 

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