*Guest Post* VP Joe Biden – Donald Trump Is Full Of Malarkey

*Guest Post* VP Joe Biden – Donald Trump Is Full Of Malarkey


We are honored to feature a guest column from the 44th Vice President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden:

Hey kids, Joe here –

Let me begin with a simple idea about our good friend, Mr. Trump – honestly no boos or applause, OK? OK?

Can you BELIEVE this guy?! I’m serious, everybody.

Look at what he said, and more importantly how he spoke, to our friends in the African-American community.

He speaks of our brothers and sisters in the African-American community as though they are in need of supervision and oversight in a way that Wall Street would be terrified to see. “Believe me!” he says, promising to enforce Draconian regulations on protestors, reject legitimate media inquiries into his own business dealings, and a dismantling of our alliances around the globe. Does this sound like the kinda guy we should vote for?

I digress. The idea that the great African-American community needs “control,” or that “law and order” is somehow lacking in cities where police violence is far too common, is a bunch of….I’m not sure what the old-timey white word would be. Bologna? No that’s not it. Maybe something like that.

Regardless, what he says is a bunch of [insert a synonym for bullshit]! Together, as Americans, we can figure out what the right word for Donald Trump’s nonsense is – a word that is simultaneously funny and folksy. What were we talking about again?! Whatever, America rocks!!!!


Uncle Joe

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