GOP VP Mike Pence: “Trump is not an experienced politician”




Ordinarily when someone lacks experience for a job, their resume is quickly discarded in favor of more appropriately qualified applicants. Then again, there is nothing ‘ordinary’ or ‘appropriate’ about the modern Republican Party, leading us to the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today: A fascist megalomaniac hellbent on destroying the post-WWII international system, arguably a coin toss away from the White House. Exhibit A: Donald J. Trump.

Enter Scene: GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Gov. Mike Pence (R-Indiana), who unabashedly defended Trump’s recent comments that¬†African American voters have “Nothing to lose” by voting for Trump because they’re “poor'”, “unemployed”, and their “schools suck”. Brilliantly sound logic, I might add, if you’re a moronic narcissist incapable of intelligent thought.

The problem with Trump is, he is nearly impossible to defend. I almost take pity on Mike Pence, ok who am I kidding, I definitely feel no pity for Mike Pence. He not only signed up for, quite possibly, the worst job in American politics, but also appears to be blissfully ignorant of it all. It won’t be long before he looks dead inside, like a broken man with the lights on but nobody is home. That day is merely weeks away, when the facade of a Trump victory in November finally gives way to the painstaking reality that Pence will go down in flames with the “Make America Great Again” Hindenburg.

Just today, Pence attempted to casually dismiss Trump’s outrageous comments about Black voters by saying, “He is not an experienced politician.” Since when is this a defense? That’s like saying, “Your honor, please don’t find me guilty of murder, I’m not an experienced killer.” What a sad, sad man. You should have stayed in Indiana Mike!

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