Watch: O’Reilly Explodes As Trump Says 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional”, “Our Country Is Going To Hell”

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Go home Donald Trump, you’re drunk! Our friend Mr. Trump, aka Orange Is The New Quack, apparently has been getting legal advice from pre-Civil War Supreme Court briefs because ‘The Donald’ thinks that the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. You know, the same 14th Amendment that, like, made former slaves U.S. citizens and entitled African Americans to the same rights as White Americans. Yea, that 14th Amendment. The same 14th Amendment that made millions and millions of children descending from European, Latino, Asian, and African immigrants legal U.S. citizens. The same 14th Amendment that made Donald Trump a U.S. citizen at birth! Yea, that 14th Amendment. It’s like, so, not constitutional anymore now that “Anchor Babies” are a thing. You know, because our country is being OVERRUN by pregnant Mexican women pouring across the border in hopes of giving birth so their children can claim U.S. citizenship. Because that’s really an epidemic that is corroding the fabric of our country.


Sorry Donald, but you’re dead wrong about the constitutionality of the 14th Amendment. We understand that you think America is “Going to hell”–which it is not, in fact America is on the rise and growing in global prestige and economic power–but even if it were, it’s not because immigrants are giving birth here and ‘taking our jobs’. It’s because xenophobic billionaires like yourself and the Koch Brothers are fanning the flames of bigotry.


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