Watch: Ted Cruz Gets Destroyed On Hardball With Chris Matthews

Watch: Ted Cruz Gets Destroyed On Hardball With Chris Matthews

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Ted Cruz entered the ring with Chris Matthews on MSNBC to play hardball on the 2016 race and the issue of ‘illegal’ immigration. Senator Cruz praised Donald Trump for bringing national media attention to the issue of undocumented immigration and sounded the apocalyptic alarm by insinuating that our nation is under attack by hundred of thousands of illegal immigrant “criminals” released by the Obama Administration.


We all know that Ted Cruz will do or say anything for 15 minutes of national media attention; however, what we find absolutely ridiculous is the fervor that Cruz and other GOP frontrunners share over the issue of immigration. Net immigration to the United States has decreased significantly since 2009. We’re not facings an immigration ‘crisis’ as Cruz and he RWNJ counterparts would have you believe and those are just the facts. It’s rather unfortunate and downright shameful that they insist on demonizing immigrants, particularly Latinos, and scoring cheap political points by stocking fears that innocent white women will be raped and murdered unless we deport tens of millions of individuals over night.


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