Watch: Donald Trump “I Whine Until I Win”, CNN Host “You Threatened To Sue My Parents For Giving Birth To Me!”

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This is a MUST WATCH video! The King of Right Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJ) Donald Trump sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo for a scintillating interview to discuss Trump’s 2016 Campaign and his aggressive, ‘rough’ style of politics. In response to the ongoing feud between Trump and Fox News following the first GOP Debate, and Trump’s Twitter war with Megyn Kelly, Cuomo asked Trump to respond to a NY Post editorial labeling him a ‘whiner’. Trump responded to accepted this pejorative and trumpeting back “I whine until I win!” Cuomo countered by calling Trump’s politics “rough” and laughing at Trump for once threatening to sue Cuomo and his parents for giving birth to him!


All jokes aside, nobody likes whiners in politics. That’s precisely why Americans hold such a diabolically low opinion of the GOP Congress. Republicans have no answers or solutions for America. Whining is not a policy. Voters demand results. Let’s evaluate the ‘solutions’ put forward to by Trump on the campaign trail thus far: build a border wall and force Mexico to pay, deport illegal immigrants, and flex American military muscle overseas because “They’re laughing at us.”


Sorry Trump, but they’re not laughing at us, they’re laughing at you! The jokes ultimately on you my friend as your epic failure of a Birther ‘movement’ was a ridiculous sideshow that aimed to delegitimize President Obama as a Kenyan Muslim unfit for high office. And yet, President Obama has soared to new heights and restored American leadership and morality abroad. From opening Myanmar and Cuba to an historic nuclear deal with Iran, America is winning again on the foreign policy front. We don’t know what sort of alternative universe or right wing echo chamber you are living in Donald, but it’s time to wake up and smell the roses.


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