Watch: Crazy CNN Interview With The ‘Stump For Trump’ Donald Trump YouTube Supporters

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We found another hidden gem for you: The ‘Stump For Trump’ Ladies! Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson are YouTube celebrities from North Carolina and the most enthusiastic Tump 2016 supporters you will ever meet. CNN’s Don Lemon lost control of this segment as the ‘Stump For Trump Girls’ exploded on air.


Here at Democratic Memes we have officially endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP Nomination because we know he will crash and burn in a general election when asked to square off against Hillary, Bernie, or Smokin’ Joe Biden! As such, we LOVE the ‘Stump For Trump Girls’ and their misplaced enthusiasm for a Trump presidency.


Many of you may be thinking that the ‘Stump For Trump Girls’ might be an unlikely pair of cheerleaders for Trump 2016. After all, Donald Trump offers few specifics on how he would ‘Make America Great Again’; however, we suspect that Lynette and Rochelle are savvy entrepreneurs who are at once inspired by ‘The Donald’ and also, perhaps, looking for a larger role in the Trump 2016 campaign. Either way, we suspect that Trump’s abrasive politics and dearth of solutions for economic empowerment among the African American community will not translate into a swell of support among black voters.


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