Watch: Donald Trump’s Lawyer Apologizes For Saying You Cannot Rape Your Wife (Funny Or Die)

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Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cowen, set off a media frenzy this week when he got into an argument with a reporter for the Daily Beast about Trump’s ex-wife and her claims that Trump made her feel “Violated” during sex. Mr. Cowen defended trump by saying “You can’t rape your spouse” which sounds EXACTLY like something that Trump would say in a live TV interview if he himself were asked about the accusations. In fact, Trump would probably call a judge a “loser” if he was ever forced to stand trial for allegedly raping his ex-wife.


Wake up Trump and Mr. Cowen, it’s 2016. You can in fact rape your wife and that legal reasoning has been extinct in the Western World for a long time now. Your comments are horribly degrading to women and equate women to property. You can’t rape something that you own, right? WRONG!


Fortunately, Funny Or Die was able to put a hilarious spin on Trump and his ridiculous lawyer, Michael Cowen. Mr. Cowen did actually say to a reporter that “You can’t rape your spouse” so the comedians at Funny Or Die were not making that up. What they did do, however, was artfully nail Mr. Cowen to the cross using the power of satire.


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