Watch: Trump and O’Reilly Spar Over McCain Comments

Watch: Trump and O’Reilly Spar Over McCain Comments

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It’s Christmas here at Democratic Memes every time we’re able to cover an interview between Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump–especially when they are sparring over comments that Trump made against ‘The Maverick’ John McCain.


In this clip we’re able to witness firsthand the audacity of Trump and his attempt to justify his audacious ‘No Hero’ remarks about Senator McCain. Look, we didn’t vote for McCain and we never would; however, it’s kind of a non-starter in politics to pick on prisoners of war. Let’s be real, Senator McCain is not someone that we agree with on policy; however, he did get tortured by the VietCong for several years at the Hanoi Hilton. Those years are beyond reproach, and Trump should know that. Alas, Trump is not a human being and we cannot expect him to play by the rules of the current political order.


That’s why we are taking this opportunity to fully endorse Donald Trump for the Republican nomination because we KNOW that Trump well be absolutely destroyed by any of the Democratic Party nominees. Best of luck to “The Don” because the biggest winners of a Trump GOP victory are the Democrats, and by logical extension, the American people.


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