Watch: Hilarious “Expendables” Parody of Republican Senators Blowing Up Iran Deal

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Did you ever wonder what lengths the Republican Senate would go to block President Obama’s Iran Deal? Well, Funny Or Die produced a hilarious parody based on the action blockbuster “The Expendables” to demonstrate what Republican Senators truly want. “They’re too old to fight a war, but that won’t stop these brave U.S. Senators from trying to start one.”


The parody video “The Dealbreakers” is downright hilarious in the way it perfectly captures GOP warmongering and collective anger over the nuclear agreement and how it averted a war, for now. We say “For now” because the lunatic-fringe of the 2016 GOP primary candidates, and voters for that matter, are shamelessly trying to sell a war with Iran to the American public. Sorry guys, we’ve seen this video before. We know how this ends. We won’t be fooled again and dragged into an illegal, unnecessary war. Although I wouldn’t put it past the GOP chicken hawks getting their way if they get another Bush in the White House.


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