Watch: Hannity and Trump Nearly Piss Themselves Over Iran Deal

Watch: Hannity and Trump Nearly Piss Themselves Over Iran Deal

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It’s like the Super Bowl here at Democratic Memes when we’re able to cover an interview between Sean Hannity and Donald Trump! Who knew you could cram so much patriotism into a 14 minute tv interview? Honestly, you gotta give it up to Trump for stepping into the “lion’s den” with Sean Hannity to answer the tough questions like “Why does Obama hate America”, “Whose toupee is this?”, or “Why don’t Mexicans just speak English already?” In fairness, 14 minutes probably isn’t enough time to answer these hard-hitting existential questions, but Trump and Hannity¬†were clearly up for the job.


In this wide-ranging interview Donald Trump reacted quite negatively to President Obama’s handling of foreign policy and the failure of the Iran Deal to bring about the release of the four American hostages imprisoned in Tehran. Of course Hannity and Trump didn’t miss a beat when they astutely pointed out the shortcomings of President Obama’s Iran Deal, such as: the failures to reverse global warming, disclosure the Ayatollah’s birth certificate, or¬†prove iRan is not an Apple product.


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