Watch: Fox News Host Explodes, Compares Planned Parenthood to Killing Of Cicil The Lion “America Is A Barbaric Nation”

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Fox Business News allowed rightwing troll extraordinaire, Todd Starnes, to set the record straight once and for all: Mr. Starnes is, in fact, a complete moron. Mr. Starnes used his appearance on national television to attack Planned Parenthood and, in a bizarre analogy, compare abortion to the slaying of Cecil the lion: “At least Planned Parenthood wasn’t chopping up the lion for parts like they were these unborn children.”


Another great quote from Starnes’ interview, “They act like an abortion is like taking a mole off your face” and “America is a barbaric nation.” Gotta love the patriotism from this self-proclaimed journalist.


What we don’t understand here at DemocraticMemes is why Planned Parenthood is in any way relevant to the killing of Cicil the lion.


We’ll let you be the judge. Watch the video, “Share”, and comment below!