Watch: Fox News Erupts After Missouri Sheriff Puts “In God We Trust” On Cop Cars

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A Missouri Sheriff’s decision to place “In God We Trust” stickers on dozens and dozens of cop cars in his municipality came under criticism in recent days on the grounds that it erodes the separation between Church and State.


As you can imagine, this didn’t go down well on Fox News. In typical misogynistic Fox News fashion, a cadre of young females in tight dresses sparred with Judge Napolitano (a man who blames Lincoln for the Civil War, mind you) over whether “In God We Trust” should be removed from money, among other subjects. The lone voice of reason on the panel was outnumbered by her right wing co-panelists and denounced as unpatriotic and “crazy”.


What are your thoughts on “In God We Trust” on money or police vehicles bought with taxpayer money. Is this a violation of your religious freedom? Do the sort of actions taken by the Missouri Sheriff erode the separation between Church and State?


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