Watch: Bernie Sanders Rally “We Need Serious Change In Criminal Justice”

Watch: Bernie Sanders Rally “We Need Serious Change In Criminal Justice”

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Bernie Sanders is the real deal folks. The Vermont Senator is speaking to swelling rallies across the country on the need to reform our criminal justice system, provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and reduce the influence of money in politics. Income inequality and the plight of the middle and working class are top priorities for Senator Sanders as he speaks at rally after rally about diminishing the influence of the billion class and their stranglehold on American politics.


Senator Sanders is exciting young voters and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in an eerily similar fashion to President Obama’s rise to power in 2007 and 2008. Coincidentally, Secretary Clinton was the preeminent frontrunner and “inevitable” victor. All we’re saying is, if it could happen in 2008, it could happen again. Watch out for Bernie.


At DemocraticMemes we’re passionate about reducing income equality and restoring¬†economic opportunity for all. President Obama has taken tremendous strides to remove the disastrous legacy of the Bush Administration and restore our economic prosperity. The onus is on the next Democratic president to continue the myriad gains of the Obama years and create a legacy of economic opportunity, fairness, and wage growth.


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