McKinney Apologists Want A Return To Segregation

McKinney Apologists Want A Return To Segregation



In McKinney, Texas this past Friday a white community reminded the nation yet again that we do not live in a “post-racial” America. The far-right is waging war on civil rights across Red State America. The McKinney confrontation was distinguished from the typical angry/racist white police officer killing an innocent, black, civilian as this incident was triggered by non-police civilians, who reportedly called out to the black youth to “Go back to Section 8 Housing” for no apparent reason other than discomfort.


In their call for segregation, these white citizens are truly taking a page out out of the history books. To extungish this sort of racism, serious action must be taken, on every level of government. It seems that if a town’s officers are willing to react to children with violence, such as the young girl at the McKinney pool party, then there is little hope for any and all minorities.


So maybe this war will remind us, as Americans, that we need significant action on civil rights. That for the final time in our history racism must be abolished, hopefully this time for good, because no people should be segregated because of the color of their skin.




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