Tea Bagger carries assault rifle in an airport. Why? Because He Can

Tea Bagger carries assault rifle in an airport. Why? Because He Can

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The only reason to bring an assault rifle with you to the airport is if the airport has a history of other people carrying assault rifles. In America, we have never really had to worry about that, until now.

Meet Jim Cooley, the most insecure man in America. Jim decided to carry an assault rifle into the Atlanta Airport because it is technically not illegal. Jim doesn’t get that carrying an assault rifle in an airport is wrong and causes panic. His response to the fear of others is that “Well, people’s fear are not my responsibility.” What an ignorant asshole. Terrorists like this don’t get it. They are using fear to try and force us to live in their utopian world where everyone carries guns on them all the time.


Gun nuts use bullshit arguments like “hammers kill people, should we outlaw them?” Well hammers aren’t designed to kill people, guns are. And you can’t kill people in rapid succession with a hammer; you can with an assault rifle. If you were unfortunate enough to be in this terminal, you had to just hope that he was only just deranged enough to bring a gun into the terminal, and not deranged enough to kill everyone in sight.


I am going to explain to you the precedent that this man is instilling: A person now can walk to the Atlanta airport with a fully loaded assault rifle, but they are not doing anything wrong until they start killing people. Technically it’s not illegal until he kills people. No one can stop him until he slaughters 20 people. How does this make sense? We deserve better than that.


I want to pose another question, what if a Muslim was carrying an assault riffle in an airport the same day that this white trash, tea bagger asshole was carrying for the exact same reason: just because he could. Cooley would have started a firefight because he looked dangerous. I really wish I could meet this ignorant piece of garbage so I could spit on the confederate flag that he worships, because hey, that’s my First Amendment Right.



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